When I was a kid

I wish I could turn the wheel of time... and go back to when I was a kid. When happiness was simple When pain was just physical When things were easy When dreams were alive When loneliness was not known When friendship was forever When love was in abundance When adulting was looking cool... And... Continue Reading →

Alien life forms?

If you were to see something unusual in the night sky, say a burst of blue light, would you say it's a space ship, a natural phenomenon or something divine? I paused as I read the above in the latest edition of the Readers Digest. I couldn't move on to the next sentence, as this... Continue Reading →


Ever felt stuck in life? Like you don't know what to do anymore? Like you don't know what you're doing now? Like your mind is frozen and you can't see a way ahead? Like you're lost and trying desperately to find a way out? Like you feel completely helpless? Like you're a kite stuck in... Continue Reading →

I don’t know

Two long years bygone. Seasons have changed. People have changed. And I don't know you anymore. The days that we were inseparable, are just a mirage of memory now. And I don't know what we've become now. Wherever you are, with whomever you are, I don't know. And I don't care...because all I want is... Continue Reading →


Everyone staying afar from home knows the feeling you get when you return home after long. It begins with the excitement of booking tickets to home. And then there's the journey itself. Every time I reach the railway station, I already feel like I'm back in my hometown, because of the sudden inflow of chatter... Continue Reading →


As I walk back home at night, I fear the man walking few paces behind me. Though he might just be walking home too. As I travel in train alone, I fear the man making small talk with me, Though he might just be trying to while away his time. As I am on my... Continue Reading →

Untold Stories

Who knew that the guy who always cracked jokes, had an ailing mother to look after? Who knew that the girl who always had a big gang of friends, was struggling with a breakup? Who knew that the guy who always bought delicious home made food, was grappling with education and home loans. Who knew... Continue Reading →

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